YouTube Music will now be integrated with Android devices, bye bye Google Play Music

Google has announced that the application YouTube Music would now be embedded on all devices running Android. It replaces Google Play Music, which is destined to disappear in the limbo of the Play Store.

Goodbye Google Play Music : Google is preparing to replace this application with YouTube Music , which will be systematically integrated to all smartphones and tablets marketed on Android 9 (Pie) and Android 10 . Google has already announced several times and has just crossed a new course in order to “force” users accustomed to Google Play Music to migrate to its other platform.

A migration to YouTube Music that is far from complete

While the YouTube Music app had to be downloaded from the Google Play Store so far, it will soon not be the case. It will now be directly preinstalled on Android. The Mountain View giant is pushing users to YouTube Music, which is not a bad thing, as the Play Music app was getting older. On the contrary, the YouTube Music platform and its mobile applications are getting richer. However, Google still has not migrated downloads for subscribers to Google Play Music. As a result, many users may not be ready to migrate to YouTube Music yet.

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No doubt that Google tries by all means to raise the bar against its competitors are Deezer, Spotify or Apple Music. Last May, YouTube Music and Google Play Music had only 15 million subscribers , against 100 million on the side of Spotify, and 60 million on the side of Apple. It remains to be seen whether this strategy will pay off or if, like some of its competitors (such as Microsoft and its Groove Music), Google will one day be forced to throw in the towel. But given the popularity of YouTube, there is probably no need to worry.

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