Xiaomi Mi 10: it would finally be equipped with a screen with a hole

A new rumor has been published about the Mi 10 that the smartphone is equipped with a screen with a hole, contradicting other leaks about it. The latter claimed that it would have a screen without holes or notches. But this would be reserved for the “Pro” model.

The rumors about the Mi 10 follow each other but are not alike. The future flagship of the Chinese brand was the subject of indiscretion from the Indian video blog Techdroider which published a new video on the YouTube streaming platform. Supporting photos, he says that the Mi 10 will be slightly from previous leaks about it.

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The main difference noted by the video blog concerns the screen. As you can see on the visual above, this slab, always curved on the two side edges, has a hole for a webcam. This hole is positioned in the upper left corner and would count only one objective. Previous leaks about the Mi 10 claimed that this slab would be devoid of holes, notches or edges, attributes unsightly according to some.

Xiaomi Mi 10: Two leaks for two different mobiles

The two leaks, even if they seem to contradict each other, are not incompatible. Indeed, it should be remembered that Xiaomi would have planned to present two flagships at its press conference on February 11: the Mi 10 and the Mi 10 Pro. In the opinion of many observers and journalists, the two rumors would be different because they would concern two different smartphones: the Mi 10 with the screen with a hole and the Mi 10 Pro with a screen without a hole. This would, therefore, explain that. And More Specification Review About Xiaomi Mi 10

However, according to Techdroider, we would find in the Mi 10 a quadruple photosensor, already crossed in the previous rumors. It is clearly visible here. The main photo block would be vertical and placed in the upper left corner, as for the Mi 9. However, the flash would no longer be located under the photo block, but next to it. Both smartphones should benefit from a quadruple sensor. It remains to be seen whether these four elements are identical from one model to another. Previous reports tend to say no.

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