Teamfight Tactics PC game is finally available on smartphones

This week, Riot finally launched Teamfight Tactics on mobile. A turn-based game where strategy has its place and which will make you forget about card games for dad.

I never played League of Legends. For years, I have missed Riot’s license. However, last July, I saw a major exodus from the mainstreamers I was following towards one of the last games from the American developer. If I tell you that they were main players of Hearthstone, Blizzard’s card game, you might think they got into the competitor edited by Riot, Legends of Runeterra. But no.

In fact, everyone has embarked on Teamfight Tactics, the automatic battle game from the universe of League of Legends. A style of play that I’ve heard of before with Autochess and Dota Underlords, but which I’ve never looked at before. At least until I try it myself. And I quickly understood why Teamfight Tactics – or TFT for friends – was able to attract Hearthstone players. The game is based on the same tactical and turn-based mechanics while bringing a real wind of freshness.

In fact, you are not playing in Teamfight Tactics. Or rather, you are not fighting. Your role is simply to compose the best team of fighters possible according to the capabilities of each or synergies. Having two brawler characters on the team will increase their hit points. You can also collect the same character three times to take them to level 2, which will allow them to have more health and increase their damage. Finally, as in League of Legends, objects will make the most of the abilities of your fighters.

Once your team is assembled, your fighters are placed on the field, the fights are automatically played against the team of another player. Because yes, TFT is a multiplayer game in which you will face seven opponents. You start at 100 life and each time you lose a battle, you will lose one. You got the idea, the idea is to be the last player at the end of the game.

In total, a full game lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. Suffice to say that since the launch of the game last July, I have already spent more than 150 hours divided between my lunch breaks, my evenings and my nights.


Teamfight Tactics is available on Android and iOS

And this week, after months of waiting, Riot finally launched Teamfight Tactics on mobile. Available on Android and iOS, the game uses exactly the same mechanics as the PC version. It must be said that in the games you will have to face players on computers. But no risk as for the controls, the game being a simple turn-based strategy game, you will not be disadvantaged in playing touch. Better, the mobile version allows you to discover the game mechanics thanks a quick and well thought out tutorial.

A mobile launch that is timely as Teamfight Tactics also just launched its third season this week, called Galaxies. Every four months, Riot changes his game completely by modifying the list of available characters and their abilities, removing certain synergies to add others and adding specific rules regarding objects or battlefields. And all for free. Admittedly, it is possible to pay in TFT, to obtain new avatars or personalized playing fields, but the game itself is completely free.

Suffice to say that for a player like me, used to Hearthstone, its economic model requiring to buy cards and its unchanging meta with always the same decks which largely dominate the others, it is a wind of freshness in the universe strategy games. Since July, I have completely dropped Hearthstone and, since this week, I feel that I will have much less need to turn on my PC to play.

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