Facebook removes the free Onavo VPN from the Google Play Store

Facebook decides to remove the Onavo VPN from the Google Play Store under a scandal around privacy. The firm headed by Mark Zuckerberg indeed spies the traffic that goes through this VPN and exploits the data. Facebook had already had to remove the Onavo VPN application from Apple’s App Store a few months earlier.

Facebook removed the Onavo Protect VPN from the Google Play Store. The company presented this application as a simple and free way to protect its Internet connection against malicious sites and better manage the data envelope, but in reality, Facebook also used Onavo to collect data on its users. Thus Facebook could know how long users spent on the internet when they used the application and their browsing history. It also made it possible to determine the user’s country, the social networks he used, and the model of the device.

Facebook disconnects the VPN Onavo on Android The Engadget website goes even further, and says that it is the data collected via the VPN Onavo that convinced Facebook to buy WhatsApp. The decision seems to have been taken unilaterally, a few months after Apple forced the firm to withdraw its app from the App Store. A Facebook official quoted by TechCrunch explains: “Market research helps companies build better products for people. We are moving our efforts towards reward-based market research, which means we are going to end the Onavo program. “

The app is, as we write these lines, no longer available on the Google Play Store. We imagine that the decision is a symptom of profound changes in philosophy at Facebook, which still intends to collect data on users of its applications and services, but now focuses on market research more transparent and paid through gift cards . What do you think of this new direction? Share your opinion in the comments.