Ebooks purchased on the Microsoft Store become illegible

Did you buy eBooks on Microsoft Store? They will all be unreadable this month. Microsoft has decided to put an end to its ebook store. Not only is it no longer possible to buy ebooks on PC via the platform, but anyone who has acquired books through this channel will see their content become unreadable.

This is an event that will make the faithful laugh about the paper book. The eBooks and dematerialization not only advantages, as evidenced by the consequences of the closure of the eBook section of the Microsoft Store. The firm of Redmond announced last April that it stopped offering electronic books on its virtual store. DRM servers that manage access to content will also be closed.

For customers who have purchased ebooks on the Microsoft Store, closing the DRM servers has the effect of making books inaccessible. It’s like buying a book from a bookstore and being snatched from it in case it comes out of the door. The parallel is difficult because such a scenario is obviously not compatible with reality.

Microsoft started selling ebooks in 2017, but this activity has not really taken off to the point of being able to compete with Amazon’s Kindle Store. The technical limitations made the platform unpopular from the beginning. And for good reason, anyone who bought ebooks on the Microsoft Store had to use the Edge browser to read it since Microsoft has never created a dedicated drive.

The books were also accompanied by restrictive DRM, these digital locks that prevent sharing files with other people. Unfortunately, these same locks are at the root of the current inconvenience suffered by users. The rights holders will not accept that the firm unlocks their contents. The contents will, however, be refunded.