The best alternative application launchers on Android in 2019

The launcher (or launcher applications) is the hub of Android, the screen where you spend more regularly. This launcher precisely, very often varies from one smartphone manufacturer to another, sometimes with completely different philosophies. In short, it is interesting to test what is done elsewhere. Here are the best alternative launchers on the Play Store.

The best way to personalize your smartphone without having any technical knowledge (root, etc.), is to install an alternative launcher of applications, or launcher in the language of Shakespeare. So we made a selection of the best  Android launchers of the moment according to us.

Note that this is not an exhaustive list and you will find other suggestions in the comments of this article if you can not find your account.

What is a launcher on Android?

The launcher (or application launcher) is the equivalent of the desktop Android , a central place on which the user finds himself as soon as he unlocks his phone and where he places the icons of its applications most frequently used. What many users do not know is that the launcher of an Android smartphone is not frozen. The one installed by the manufacturer can be modified and replaced by another.

It most often includes one or more shortcut desks, an application drawer with a complete list of apps installed on the phone, and sometimes a widget pane.

The launchers offered by the smartphone manufacturers are often quite limited in customization. Understandable limitations: phones must be easily handled by the general public. But if you want to change the size of the grid where the applications are displayed, change the colors, display the number of unread messages on icons or have an office that really looks like us, it is necessary to go through launchers third party .

Some alternative launchers even go so far as to completely change the interaction philosophy between desktop and drawer (drawer of applications) that we usually know about Android. Here is our selection of  alternative Android launchers , all very different and which should cover all customization needs.

Nova Launcher: the most complete

Nova Launcher App Download

If it’s the customization and control you’re looking for first, then it’s Nova’s turn to turn. On the form, Nova has almost the same design as Google’s launcher . But a quick detour through the options allows you to see the incredible wealth of customization it allows. It is by far the most known and used application launcher because of its many options.

Managing the size of the launcher grid and the application drawer, the appearance of icons, theme, animation speed, various shortcuts and gestures, Nova allows you to do almost anything, except for coffee.

Note finally that a Prime version of the application, sold 5.25 euros  (but regularly discounted), is also available . The latter adds some options and allows especially to add additional extensions and help developers. Note that it is possible to save the settings of its home screen to then import them on another device, convenient if you change your smartphone. In short, Nova Launcher is a must have , simply.

Microsoft Launcher: Intuitive and thought for Windows 10

Microsoft Launcher App Download

The Microsoft Launcher is one of its launchers who move away from the philosophy of Google to propose another operation  Far from resuming the Windows Phone fire interface, the Microsoft Launcher offers the usual desktop / drawer pair, but with a dedicated component to make you more productive. It allows you to view at a glance your calendar, manage a to do list or take quick notes. The Microsoft Launcher is especially easy to handle, while offering many options.

Of course, the launcher is even more effective if you synchronize with a Microsoft account (Outlook, Xbox Live) and allows in this case to synchronize certain elements with Windows 10.

Launcher action: redesigned navigation

Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher is an alternative to Nova Launcher. He also takes the design and icons of the Google launcher by focusing on its many options. Of particular note is the ability to make Google’s search widget more convenient – and its  left-side menu listing all the applications installed on the phone. Its free version, however, has a tendency too much to encourage users to check out to unlock new features.

Lawnchair Launcher :

Lawnchair Launcher App

Lawnchair Launcher follows the same philosophy as Nova Launcher,  offering an experience similar to that imagined by Google, while making it more customizable. Aside from being named after a bad pun, it has the merit of being completely free, open source and free (GPL license v3).

The developers promise to offer the same features as Google’s Pixel Launcher, while making them compatible with Android versions prior to Android 8.0 Oreo.

Rootless Launcher: the closest to pixels

Rootless Launcher App Download

The developer Amir Zaidi has focused on the fact to wear as accurately as possible the launcher of the last pixels for any other smartphone, and without the need for root mode to activate it.

Some modifications have been made, but remain minimal and discreet. The launcher still has a small flaw: to take advantage of Google Now, you need to download and install a separate APK serving as a bridge between the launcher and Google services.

For the closest experience of Pixel Launcher without any headache, this is the version we recommend.

Poco Launcher

POCO Launcher 2.0

Xiaomi launched its new brand Pocophone in 2018. Although the phones of the brand turn under MIUI, launcher called Poco Launcher completely change the navigation interface, including a much more Western look. It includes an application drawer that can sort apps by the color of their icon, or in various categories.

At the time of writing, the launcher is still in beta and still lacks some features to really compete with the other apps on this list, but it clearly has potential and deserves to be kept in the loop. eye.

Note that one of the possibilities of most of these launchers is the customization of application icons 

What kind of launcher do you for your Android Phone? comment below