Android: The Best Free Antiviruses Apps 2020


Dr.Web is a fairly well-known Russian application with a community of over 70 million users (Developer figures). It has been downloaded over 100 million times from Google Play. Like its compatriots mentioned above, it is there to protect you from all possible threats on your mobile devices under Android, but this one differs from the others in certain advantages, but also disadvantages.

First of all, its main advantage is its lightness, in fact, you will only need less than 1 MB to store the application , it is the lightest antivirus in Android. Skip the installation almost invisible for your storage space, you will find yourself faced with a very simple interface that gets to the point with a scan module (Fast, Complete and Custom), SpIDer Guard and statistics.

I will not go back to the scan which works the same as all other applications. The SpIDer Guard is the monitor that monitors your device in real time to intervene at any time in case of detection of potential threats and it is formidable. A persistent notification will then appear for faster access.

Dr.Web incorporates a large number of features such as high-performance antispam, an accelerated scanning system if you don’t want to wait, internet access control , an anti-theft device (in case of loss or theft) or even a guard. -full fire . But as I told you, beyond its advantages, this antivirus has a big drawback.
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